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Gutter Service

Gutter Service

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A professional performing gutter cleaning


Over time, gutters can fill up with leaves, dirt and other debris. Once they become clogged, they will not function properly. Rather than diverting the water away from the home, clogged gutters will actually flood, causing water to seep into the eaves and walls causing rot and possibly even foundation problems. Moisture in a structure’s foundation leads to exterior cracks in the brick and mortar, which can lead to extensive structural damage of your property.

Clean gutters are important to the long term health of your home. Having the gutters cleaned regularly, by a professional, will eliminate future problems before they start. We recommend gutters to be cleaned approximately twice a year, in the spring and late fall, depending on the number of trees that surround your home.

Our gutter service in Comox Valley helps in clearing out debris and downspouts using a gutter vacuum system. After all the debris has been removed, we will make sure all downspouts are free and clear, to ensure proper drainage all around the home. Some companies using ladders will place a ladder directly against the gutters. Doing this will dent the gutters all-around your home.

Gutter cleaning can be a very hard, dirty and tiresome job. Climbing up and down a ladder to clean out those blocked gutters can be dangerous. Why take the risk? Let Coastline Property Service, the best gutter cleaner in Vancouver, clean your gutters to protect you from a possible accident or from damage to your property.