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Parking lot appearance can be the first impression a business gives to it’s potential customers.

Worn-out, faded pavement markings, poor layout, and a deteriorated parking lot give the impression that a business is not successful.

The overall appearance of your property is improved by well-painted markings.

If you take pride in your business – make sure your parking lot reflects this.


Line Painting Services Include:

  •  Layout of new parking areas, as well as restricting of existing parking areas.

  •  Stencilling and Signs-letters & numbers, signs, or custom multi-colour logos

  •  Preliminary design and consultation for your parking areas

  • Blacking out existing markings for a fresh and clean layout of new lines

  •  After-hours operations to avoid interfering with your business schedule

  • Preparing your parking lot with power sweeping and pressure washing services to provide a clean lot with long-lasting parking lot markings.

Line Painting
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