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House Soft Wash

House Soft Wash

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Soft-washing is the new and improved way of efficiently cleaning delicate materials, such as expensive siding or various types of roofs. From basic algae to mold, soft-washing will safely remove organic stains from your house and keep it looking brand new.

DON’T let anyone PRESSURE WASH your roof, siding (vinyl, stucco, wood), trim or soffits!

Your biggest investments’ exterior is exposed to extreme outdoor elements and UV light daily and these elements will create an accumulation of dirt, grime, mold, algae and mildew. This accumulation damages and accelerates the aging process of exterior materials, therefore these materials need regular maintenance. In fact, experts recommend a full wash of your home’s exterior at least once or twice a year.

Regular washing and cleaning ensures that those stains and mold don’t further spread into the foundation of your home causing damage to it’s structure.

If you are looking for exterior home cleaning in The Comox Valley, you are likely dealing with stains related to the humidity / wet weather conditions which eventually lead to mold and algae. We provide professional exterior home cleaning services to achieve a safe-touch clean of your property so you don’t have to. It is especially important to keep wood, stucco and vinyl siding clean to protect and help maximize its surface life. If the exterior is constructed mostly of stucco, wood or vinyl, your house cleaning would be better achieved with the use of a process called “Soft Washing”. However, pressure washing is the best option for cleaning brick.

Our experience cleaning technicians are trained with both processes and we use only environmentally safe cleaning solutions.

Home owners often make costly mistakes when trying to tackle the exterior cleaning projects themselves. The first is using too much pressure or holding the cleaning tip too close to the surface. This will leave cut marks, blow holes into siding & strip away paint. The other common mistake is the use of low-quality cleaning detergents, which tend to lack the proper cleaning capabilities, leaving your house looking worse. Our technicians ensure that we only use eco-friendly chemicals, industry approved equipment and experienced techniques to clean and protect the exterior of  your biggest investment – your home.

Does your vinyl siding feel chalky? This is called oxidation and is the result of the natural aging process of vinyl. Vinyl doesn’t last forever, eventually, the UV light from the sun with high and low temperatures will create dull chalky siding. We can’t stop the sun’s UV light or control the temperatures. The one thing that we can easily handle is the algae, mold and mildew growing on the vinyl. These pesky plants hold moisture to the vinyl’s surface and are a cosmetic nightmare. With a regular yearly house wash oxidation and algae can be kept under control.

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