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Stain removal services
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Our team of cleaning professionals are trained and equipped to tackle any cleaning tasks, including stain removal.

Though certain stains such as rust and oil stains can not be full removed, they can still be treated and remediated, preventing them from further spreading and damaging the surface.

Oil stains will seep into concrete or asphalt surfaces, breaking them down over time, causing cracks, pot holes and surface deterioration. By cleaning the stain with commercial grade chemicals and pressurized hot water, we can prevent the stain from further damaging the surface. Oil stains can be lightened, but they usually can not be fully removed. If these stains are properly cleaned and treated, they will fade over time and will not deteriorate the surface.

Rust stains left untreated will spread and cause deeper and denser staining. Rust should be treated with a specialized acid to prevent it from spreading and working the surface. Our hot water pressure washers are capable of cleaning, dissolving and lightening rust stains. Depending on the severity of the stain, we may be able to remove it fully, and if not then we can at least prevent it from spreading and further damaging the surface.

Efflorescence is a deposit of salts, usually white, formed on a surface. The substance emerges from within either concrete or masonry and forms a white, chalky appearance on the surface. These stains can be removed using an acidic cleaning solution. With the proper chemicals and equipment, it is possible to fully remove efflorescence and return your surface to looking good as new.

Organic stains are caused by environmental conditions, geographical location, and the proximity to trees and water. Typically growing on the north side of your home where the conditions are most favourable for organic growth, these stains are actually the appearance of living organisms causing on infestation on surface such as: roof, siding, decks, driveways, windows, gutters, etc. These stains require a biocide treatment to eradicate and exterminate all organic growth, followed by a low pressure cleaning to agitate and restore the surface. Coastline Property Service has specialized equipment to tackle even the toughest organic stains around the Wet Coast of Vancouver Island.


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